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East Lock Canoe and Fish Pass
Below are photographs showing the construction of East Lock Canoe and Fish Pass. At this site, there was no room to install a combined brush furnished pass like at Eldridges Lock and Porters Lock. Instead there are three structures in one channel, a canoe slide, a fish pass and an eel pass. Works commenced on Tuesday 2nd March and were completed by 1st April 2010. Dean and Dyball were the contractors and Halcrow completed the design.
The total cost of this pass including design was £77k.
The canoe slide is a simple linear slope at an angle of 1 in 6.5 approx. The pedestrian overbridge had to be raised to give a minimum of 1.5 metres clearance underneath. Steps were added either side to reach the new bridge height.
The fish pass is a "Larinier" style pass and runs at the approximately the same slope as the canoe pass. The Elver pass is hidden under covers on the far right of the photo below.
Steps and non slip surfaces have been added for ease of maintenance.

For more info on the Medway Canoe Trail, click on this link:

Alterations to the canoe slide 15th Oct 2010

Alterations to the canoe slide 15th Oct 2010

Alterations to the canoe slide 15th Oct 2010

The completed pass:

Canoeists using the pass

Fancy canoeing the Medway? Try this link:

Photo shows the old impassible weir and footbridge across (downstream)

Looking at the upstream end of the existing weir and footbridge (photo taken in 2008)

This drawing roughly shows the layout of the new pass (note it is not accurate though)

3rd March - river drained down to enable works

3rd March - looking upstream

5th March - crane ready to lift out footbridge

5th March

5th March - excavator being lifted onto the island

15th March

15th March

19th March - first phase of concrete just poured and being smoothed into shape

19th March - looking up the new slopes

19th March - the moulding for the elver pass

23rd March - main concrete for ramps set in place

23rd March

23rd March

25th March - new raised bridge abutments

25th March - New steps for the raised bridge - ready for concrete

26th March - new segregation walls poured

26th March - fish pass (right hand side) being installed

29th March - fixing down baffle plates for the fish pass

29th March - new steps complete for overbridge

29th March - baffle plates

29th March

1st April - just before running the water down

1st April

For more information on the Medway Canoe Trail, click on this link:
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